Faber promises savings on your Faber gas fire with the Faber ITC App


The Faber ITC App is the innovation for Faber gas fires and has proven to be an enormous success.

This ITC combined with an App for Android and IOS is suitable for all Faber gas fires, including inset and free-standing Faber gas fires. The Faber ITC App has proven to be reliable and stable and you can achieve savings of up to 70% on the gas consumption of your Faber fire!

The beautifully designed App makes it simple and convenient to operate your Faber gas fire with a smartphone or tablet.

The Faber ITC controls the fire and combines an optimum setting with minimum gas consumption. The ITC controls, but also provides information about the gas consumption, the number of running hours, room temperature, the time when maintenance is due and many other things. The ITC intervenes when the temperature near the control equipment becomes too high.

It also intervenes when the room temperature exceeds 37 degrees, and if there has not been a command from the remote control for a long time, it switches the fire off.

If you want to have a wonderful flame set and maximum savings on gas consumption, this super PID-controlled Faber thermostat is the ultimate tool. Select thermostat from the dashboard menu and select the required room temperature.

In this position all the options of the burner can be used. If necessary, the thermostat activates the “Step” function that makes the fire wider or narrower. In short, in the thermostat position you still have a dynamic flame set. Make sure you position the remote control in the wall bracket in a place as noted in the instructions. The temperature measurement is in the remote control, which makes it essential to hang it up in the prescribed place.

The remote control, developed specifically for the ITC, combines high-end technology and design with simplicity and ease of use.

The Faber ECO setting, which is truly ECO compared to our competitors, produces a varied flame set that is adjusted to the room temperature.

Turn over the circle in the ITC ECO setting and set your savings. Over 50%, the burner switches over from campfire to wide fire.

With the Faber ITC you can control the consumption yourself by reading out the consumption over a specific period in the App. The gas consumption can be read out by day, week or month. Select statistics in the dashboard and then select day, week or month. Swipe to the right on this screen and you can read the number of burning hours of the fire.

The ITC App also tells when your fire needs a service. Look at the Faber website for more information about lifelong guarantee, maintenance and service.

The ITC detects unexpected events and notes those in the App and stores those until the next service. During annual maintenance, the engineer can read the faults that may have happened and that he needs to pay extra attention to. He also has the input to inform you and to advise you on how to prevent any faults.

Besides all the aforementioned properties, there are many other options and settings available to the user. Consult the instructions that were supplied with your fire. The App and the electronics were developed in the Netherlands and are manufactured in the Netherlands.

Download the free ITC App here:


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