5 tips to enjoy spring with an outdoor fire


1. Eat near the outdoor fire

Sooner or later we will enjoy the first day when it is warm enough to eat in the garden. Eating outdoors produces a wonderful summery feeling and is often possible as soon as the temperature starts to feel just a little warmer. When it is still too cold at night to dine ‘al fresco’, you can create a little bit of extra warmth of a Faber patio fire. theBUZZ is a mobile gas fire that can wheeled to the place where you want to eat. Designer Kees Marcelis based his design on a roll container with wheels. The strength of this design is in its simplicity. A cover is included standard for extra protection. The stylish ash tray, with a stainless steel upper side, is optional.

2. Enjoy a heated terrace

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the spring sun shine with a refreshing chilled rosé! Over the coming weeks, the umbrellas will come out and the terraces will attract the first sun worshippers. If the late afternoon becomes too cool, choose your spot near the patio fire.

Interior designer Kees Marcelis designed theBUZZ and the outdoor fire theTUBE for Faber. This tube-shaped fire was inspired by nightlife, by the idea that people prefer to stand around a fire rather than next to a fire. That notion led to a round fire with a shape to suit any patio.

3. Relaxing gardening

Spring time makes for wonderful gardening. There is a lot to enjoy in the garden, plenty of trees, flowers and plants come into flower and there is plenty of pruning to do!

Gardening is a relaxing activity that is enhanced by warm sunshine and the sound of birds all around you. You can see what you achieved with your hard work and enjoy your efforts.

To give your garden the full upgrade, you can choose to replace your garden furniture and to add :theMOOD

- A robust outdoor fire made of corten steel

- Can be used in various ways - free-standing or inset

- The fire can be used one-sided or as a central fire

- The set can be made of wood or gravel

With the 1.5 metre exhaust, also fully made of corten steel, your fire is complete. If you decide to have the inset version, you can extend the exhaust by maximum 2 metres.

4. Warm and fun picnic outdoors

No more gourmet sets or stone grills. Spring is the season you can start picnicking for the first time! Take the time to prepare a delicious picnic on a wonderful day and to enjoy it outside with your friends or children. Fill a beautiful basket and enjoy a delicious lunch outside with wonderful people!

Do you need a bit more heating in your picnic area? The mobile gas fire theTUBE is easy to move around. TheTUBE, like theBUZZ, offers room for one bottle of propane gas in the fire. On average a fire can burn on this for 15 hours.

5. Enjoy the early spring sun near the fire

You can start enjoying the warm sunshine as soon as possible. Turn your back on the winter and be spoilt by the warmth of the sun! When you're out the wind, you can start enjoying the spring sunshine early on. If you’re still a little chilly, the Faber range of gas fires offer specific options to warm the morning breeze in your garden or patio. It is also possible to connect the Faber outdoor fires to a normal gas pipe with a so-called gas socket. You no longer need to replace the propane gas bottles. You always have 'instant' atmosphere.

We’re ready for the spring!

Faber's outdoor fires:

- theMOOD

- theBUZZ

- theTUBE


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