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Faber’s modern and innovative technology for gas fires and burners produces exceptionally beautiful and dancing flames. We could get into the finer details of the technology, but the most important issue is that you like to enjoy the warmth and a realistic flame effect. That is the essence, that is the crux. Your new gas fire needs to be an asset to your home and needs to provide you with special moments with family and friends. Moments that you want to share in the comfort and security of your new gas fire.

Faber offers unrivalled options to create something truly special that is completely to your liking. A wide range of recessed models in our Matrix series offers the options and opportunities to develop the fire that suits you. Particularly when you add the advice and creativity of our selected Faber dealers.

A Faber gas fire or gas burner is not just beautiful to look at. The innovative technology and control systems produce an optimum experience of warmth with the comfort of gas.

We could safely say that we can produce a suitable solution for every requirement when it comes to gas fires – from extremely minimalist modern to authentic and traditional. A Faber gas fire or burner that suits any interior.

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Log Burner 2.0

Faber’s most advanced burner for an unrivalled wood-fire experience. Is fitted with a comfortable, incremental control of the flame height and several burner zones. This means you always have an optimum fire – at low settings the flames are concentrated in the middle and the fire spreads automatically as soon as more heat is required. Optionally available with the Symbio light module for a beautiful glowing bed of ash.

Step Burner

An advanced burner with comfortable incremental controls and several burner zones. This means the fire is concentrated at lower settings with high flames in the middle of the fireplace, and can be widened if more radiant heat is required.

Flat Burner

A burner that fills the fire with a convincing three-dimensional flame effect. Suitable for a range of decorative materials, such as log sets, pebbles or grey grit stone.

Log Burner

The Log Burner, where the flames appear to come from the logs, has been developed especially by Faber for a top-quality wood-fire experience.

Emberbed Burner

A top-quality stainless steel burner, incorporated invisibly in a decorative bed of ash.

Symbio light module

The Symbio module combines the optimum atmosphere with low energy consumption.
The module produces a red-hot glow under the coal bed, enabling you to enjoy the light and the atmosphere without additional heat production. Highly recommended when you treasure you fire because of its cosy feel and less so because of its heat production.



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