Why Fire

Every fire has a story

Together around the fire, comfortable, familiar. A good glass of wine, some nice music, the warmth of your Faber fire. Enjoying the flickering light of dancing flames. The stories come automatically.
Sharing the events of the day, developments at work, the latest news about family and friends. The stories of your past and your big dreams for the future. In an atmosphere of trust and warmth you share stories with other people. Wonderful, beautiful or sad memories are shared in the warmth of a Faber fire. Fires do that to you. Fires keep the rest of the world outside. Fires create a sense of intimacy and the contact is automatic. Time to listen to each other’s stories.

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Why Faber

Experience the warmth

Around a fire you tell your friends your holiday tales. Before they go to bed you read your children a bed-time story. You share your most intimate feelings with your loved one. Sometimes it doesn’t need words, a look is enough to say what you feel. Being quiet together and staring into the flames of a fire. The fire of love, where better than in front of an open fire? That is where you experience the most beautiful moments and when you take time for each other. It is the passion for fire we share together. The reason for Faber. There is so much to tell.

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Fire selection tool

Helps you to find your fire

The selection tool helps you to select the fire that meets your requirements in a few steps.


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Types of fires

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Faber’s modern and innovative technology for gas fires and stoves produces exceptionally beautiful and dancing flames.

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An electric fire immediately produces an atmosphere in a home, but also in a hotel or an office, and is suitable for all rooms that could do with atmosphere and decoration.

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The smell of the wood, a crackling fire… there are many reasons why connoisseurs buy a real wood stove.

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